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Since the scandal of Edward Snowden, that revealed how intensive and invasive the U.S government surveillance actually is, Americans are more frighten than ever about their personal information.


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The following sculpting moves aim at shaping and strengthening your behind.  These are all body resistance exercises. In some of them, you can hold a light dumbbell. 

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Who runs this world? Forbes have clearly indicated that Beyonce, the beautiful and brilliant entertainer, and her husband Jaz Z still remain at the helm of the celebrity's most powerful position.

Promo codes

Promo codes for big discounts

The Art of Saving Money with Walgreens Coupons

The prevailing harsh economic conditions have prompted many shoppers to evaluate their shopping habits. Saving money has become a priority to many shoppers in the US, which has prompted large retail stores to introduce money saving solutions for shoppers. Coupons are some of the money saving solutions available to shoppers, who, more than ever use their mobile phones to capitalize on the coupon deals.


Walgreens is one of the large retail stores that offer coupons that shoppers can take advantage of. The variety of Walgreens coupons available to shoppers has allowed savvy shoppers to save. There are several smart ways of saving money using Walgreen coupons.

Register Rewards

The register rewards is one of the best coupons available to Walgreens shoppers. These are coupons that are usually available on the purchase of certain products. The coupons can be used like cash. However, to benefit from the register reward coupons a shopper has to know how to use them and where to get them. Not all products earn a shopper rewards, thus there is need to know which products are eligible for the register rewards coupons. This information can be sourced from the weekly sales ad. To save money using these coupons one has to check out the weekly sales ad on a regular basis.

Instant Value coupons

The instant value coupons can be found in the weekly sales circular and also on the web. These coupons can be added to a shoppers reward card. These coupons can also be found in the Sunday paper. The Walgreens e-newsletter is the number one source of information pertaining to special offers and promotions. Thus, subscribing to this e-newsletter can be an exquisite way of saving money by taking advantage of the special offers and promotions that are only found on this newsletter. Coupon matching websites are essential sources of information pertaining to manufacturer coupons and store coupons.

Redemption of accumulated points

There are two options available to shoppers when making any purchases, they can either redeem earned points or let the points accumulate and use them at a future time. Allowing the points to accumulate will lead to the eventual increase in the value of the points. Once the points reach the 18,000 mark, their value will increase. Thus in the long run, patience pays in terms of redeeming points earned on purchases. This is another tip for buyers who want to capitalize on their points and save on funds.

Manufacturer coupons and monthly coupon book

Being a retail store, Walgreens sell products from a variety of manufacturers some of whom offer coupons on their products. The Walgreens website offers a wealth of information pertaining to the various store brand coupons available at Walgreens. Therefore, one of the best ways of saving money using offers and coupons is by making constant visits to the Walgreen website. Another useful tool that shoppers can take advantage of it the monthly coupon book. This is a book that has different kinds of coupons and offers available to shoppers. The book can be located at the front of the store near the sales circular. 

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