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6 Top Spa In Europe

The last two decades have seen the dwindling in popularity of European spas. But not until recently when this trend started changing with Europe slowly reclaiming her former glory from Asia as the top spa destination. Of all the amazing spas that line the European coasts, here are top 6 as selected by me. 

The Therme del Parco, Forte Village, Italy has distinctive thalassotherapy pools known for their saline dense water in tropical garden setting. Supplementing this experience with the availability of 40 therapists and 20 treatment rooms makes the spa irresistible for sportsmen.

The Swiss center Clinique la Prairie, Clarens-Montreux is also gaining popularity, for not only for its royal prices, but also its medicinal prowess. With 80 years of experience and many influential clients to boost about, Clinique la Prairie makes it to the top six spas in Europe. 

The Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland is constantly associated with golfers owing to its excellent golf courses that include the luxurious PGA Centenary Course. Apart from golfing, visitors are also treated to 60 varieties of therapies in the renowned Espa Spa.

Lake Worth, located in Austria's deep south offers the world the amazing Viva Mayr. Borrowing from the teachings of Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr this spa focuses on good digestion and cleansed body. To get the best results from the experience, visitors need to stay for at least five days. 

Schloss Elmau in Oberbayern, Germany makes it to the list due to its unique combination of mind and body treatment. The center features the largest hotel bookshop worldwide, fours spas, a concert hall, among other irresistible amenities. Visitors always have something to enjoy at the Schloss Elmau regardless of the weather. 

The list of the top six spas in Europe would not be complete without the French facility La Reserve. A must visit for many spa lovers, mainly because it has the best anti-aging therapies in the world. 

There you have it. The next time you make a stop in Europe, treat yourself to bodily and mental refreshment at any of the six best in the continent.

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