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Good news is a rare thing these days. Every little piece of it should be appreciated, collected, stored and honored and praised like a priceless diamond.

Hello there! This is Tancredo Alva Cervántez and I am so excited you decided to pay my Wellness News blog a visit today. A wellness news blog reports on the latest information in various circles such as health, diets, and others. It is basically about spreading information and putting word out there.

Let me give you a brief story about Tancredo. Tancredo Alva Cervántez was born to David and Hillary Sparks 24 years go on a sunny Tuesday morning in the small city close to Monzon, in Spain. Today, I am living in New York and attending the New York University studying journalism. My companion is the cutest little mammal you have ever seen. He goes by the name Sprinkles and you will get to meet him on several occurrences in the blog. Excessive mushiness and sighing expected. You have been warned.

Why a news blog you ask? It all started after a bad breakup. I wanted something to distract me. It was then that I found another love, blogging. I chose a news blog because I realized only a few blogs out there truly give depth to the news. This is not specifically related to local news but global news instead. There is a whole world out there beyond our borders. I will help you discover it. Expect to learn about an upcoming painter in Africa, the tourism industry in Asia, fashion week in New York, the latest Weight Watchers coupon codes, and so much more. 

This blog consists of the wittiest presentation of news you will ever see. See, I reckon news can become a bit boring so I decided to make my blog informative and funny as well. Don’t take my word for it though. Scroll through my posts and see for yourself. The purpose of my blog is also to provide accurate access of all the news pieces you find important on the fastest sharing platform to date: online.

I welcome you to criticize, comment and like where you feel necessary. Do not hesitate to contact me and tell me what interesting topics you want me to put down on the blog. My email address and phone number are provided at the very bottom of this page. Stick around, will you? Thanks!

Tancredo, Monzon, Spain

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