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How Deadlifts benefit your body and your health

In this article, we are speaking about 6 key benefits of deadlifts and unless you have a specific limitation, such as an injury that prevents you from performing them, they should be definitely included as a core exercise in you overall bodybuilding training routine.

Set SMART Goals for Lasting Success on Weight Watchers

Are you seeking success on Weight Watchers?  Creating a series of goals for yourself is a great way to set yourself up for success as you continue on your Weight Watchers journey.  Make sure your goals are SMART -- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.


7 Exercises to Make a Kim Kardashian Butt

Do you feel as confident leaving a room as you do entering it? Kim Kardashian does for sure as her recent pictures can attest.

6 Top Spa In Europe

The last two decades have seen the dwindling in popularity of European spas. But not until recently when this trend started changing with Europe slowly reclaiming her former glory from Asia as the top spa destination. Of all the amazing spas that line the European coasts, here are top 6 as selected by me. 

Diet2go App: A Diet Encyclopedia

So, the holidays are over and now you want to get rid of those few extra pounds you put on.  “I’ll go on a diet”, you say!  Oh, but where do I start.  Welp…    I can safely say Diet Point Weight Loss Coach for Android may be the first place.  Let me tell you why.

Small Changes That Take Off Big Pounds

Does losing weight have to be that difficult? Does it always have to be about lifting weights, doing cardio exercises, dieting or investing all your hard-earned cash on food supplements?

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