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Diet2go App: A Diet Encyclopedia

So, the holidays are over and now you want to get rid of those few extra pounds you put on.  “I’ll go on a diet”, you say!  Oh, but where do I start.  Welp…    I can safely say Diet Point Weight Loss Coach for Android may be the first place.  Let me tell you why.

This great app is straight forward and easy to use.  The interface is clean cut and simple, the colors are high contrast, and life is good.  There are four tabs to the entire program and only a few options.  Well, Blimey, this doesn’t sound so terrible!  Give me a chance yet.  You’re being impatient.

Dietary encyclopedia


Diet Point Weight Loss Coach is nothing more than a huge diet encyclopedia.  The publishers list about every diet known to man in the “Diet” tab.  Each diet is then classified as detox, healthy, vegetarian, etc…  Next to each diet you find a rating for the diet, the expected pounds lost in a tiny number on the left, and the days stolen from your life to complete the diet on the right. 

After selecting a diet you’ll be given the full breakdown.  Diet Point Weight Loss Coach will give you a day by day list of the meals you will be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a handy little shopping list.  I thought the shopping list was a nice feature.  It removes a lot of the guess and back end work to any diet.  Just grab your phone and go to the store.

That’s right, there is no exercise here!  So by now you’re probably saying I don’t know what I’m talking about and this app sounds awesome!  It’s easy to use, there’s no exercise, and life is good.  But you’re being impatient again.  Give me some more time.

After you select your diet, and there are a lot to select from, you’re pushed in the “My Diet” tab.  Here, only after selecting a diet, you’ll find your daily meals you should eat and in what amount, and your progress day by day through your diet. If you haven’t selected a diet yet then you’ll be asked to enter your profile and have the option view an introduction to this app. 

The app gives you access to a weight loss forum where you can get support and be inspired by weight loss stories.

The profile is pretty straight forward.   You will be asked to enter your personal information such as your age, weight, height, gender, and activity lifestyle.  I was also treated to my BMI as well.  I’m going to keep that information private though…  If at any time you choose to change your profile, or if and when you lose weight, you can change settings at any time in the last “Profile” tab.

Ok, ok...  I admit.  I haven’t written this that well so far.  I’ve been convincing you to download this app.  Well, I try to be nice and give anything the benefit of the doubt.  I’ll admit the app has some nifty and easy to use features.   Ill even go a step further and tell you about the one and only thing I really liked about this app before I tell you why I hate it.  Diet Point Weight Loss Coach also includes forum access built in.  This will give you access to a community of like minded dieters that you can share your progress and goals with, get support, and even exchange recipes with.  Support and encouragement is always a good thing.

The good, the bad, and the ugly conclusion

But, like I said, I can’t recommend this app.  To be honest it promotes shortcuts.  Diet Point Weight Loss Coach’s diets are just quick fixes.  Any results you see are almost guaranteed to rebound back.  Also all the diets are rated a 4 or 5 star making them useless.  How can I choose which diet will work well if all of them are rated the same?  And my second to last annoyance, you need to integrate exercise into your health regime.  It’s as simple as that.  Your metabolism will shut down and blood flow will decrease if you don’t move making any diet worthless.

And my final argument, some of the diets included in this app are down right dangerous.  For example, Diet Point Weight Loss Coach includes the 3 day cleanse.  This regime was highly criticized and some followers ended up in the hospital.  I would be very careful about these quick fix diets.  Most have been proven unhealthy and, depending on your health conditions, deadly.  Please speak with any doctor before starting any diet. 

Download the app here.

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