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How Deadlifts benefit your body and your health

In this article, we are speaking about 6 key benefits of deadlifts and unless you have a specific limitation, such as an injury that prevents you from performing them, they should be definitely included as a core exercise in you overall bodybuilding training routine.

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Now, you can certainly build an impressive body without performing Deadlifts but here are the 6 key reasons why you should be doing them if you can.

#1 Deadlifts train major muscle groups

Deadlifts is a unique exercise as it trains many main muscle groups all at the same time. It will basically exercise your whole body and this workout also includes your body's biggest muscle groups.

A workout session with Deadlifts is going to activate your Abdominals, Quads, your Traps, your Hamstrings, Spinal Erectors, your Glutes, your Forearms and Grip as well. Many other smaller groups play a role on top of that.

So, there is a pretty much so other exercise that will train as many individual muscles as efficiently as the Deadlift will.

#2 Deadlifts develop your Explosive Strength

Deadlifts help you develop your explosive strength which is otherwise known Rate of Force Development and this basically refers to the speed with which you can reach your ultimate levels of power in a muscle. If you improve your RFD you will be able to perform activities musch better such as: to junp higher, to throw further, to run faster  and also perform with much better results in pretty much any sport you are participating. 

#3 Deadlifts build upper back muscles

Deadlifts build you upper back muscle more effectively than any other exercise. Pretty muscle the single most direct way to create the appearance of a wide and muscular body exists in the development of your upper back and your shoulders.

So, basic barbell deadlift is the most effective lift out there for packing mass on your mid-back and your Trapezius as efficiently as possible.

#4 Deadlifts are a highly functional lift

Deadlifts can develop strength that carries over to the real world to a far higher degree than bench press or barbell curls or side laterals.

#5 Deadlifts will strengthen your Posterior Chain

Deadlifts reinforce and toughen your Posterior Chain which includes the Calves, the Hamstrings, the Glutes and the Lower Back. The development of these specific muscle not only reduces your chances of injury to the Lumbar area and the Hamstrings but it also plays a huge role in speed and athletic performance, as well.

#6 Deadlifts improve your overall posture

Deadlifts help improve your overall posture and prevent injuries. Actually, Deadlifts can naturally improve the positioning of your spine by strengthening your Lower Back and your Abdominals. As you already know, your Lower Back is an area that is especially susceptible to injury largely due to most people having poor posture and slouching excessively throughout the day.

Consistent Deadlifting prevent this slouching and poor posture. Many people incorrectly believe that Deadlifts will increase their risk of injury to their Lower Back, but actually the opposite is true when you perform your Deadlifts because of the strengthening effects it will have on your back and its connecting muscles. 

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