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Small Changes That Take Off Big Pounds

Does losing weight have to be that difficult? Does it always have to be about lifting weights, doing cardio exercises, dieting or investing all your hard-earned cash on food supplements?

Of course, NOT… a recent research found out that baby steps are more effective than the giant leaps when it comes to weight loss. This is why Weight Watchers, the leading weight loss program, focuses on helping you take small baby steps. See, hitting the gym, dieting or doing any form of cardio exercise works—no doubt, but here’s the truth; the moment you stop doing them, the huge chunks of flesh you flashed off earlier on will certainly be back again. And you’ll be forced to go back to square zero. Without further ado, let’s look at the small changes that take off big pounds, without putting you under too much pressure to quit or leave you with the fear of regaining the lost weight:

Change your lifestyle

The main reason why many people have zero success rates when it comes to weight loss is that they look at it as a combination of exercise and dieting. To take off big pounds, then you have to change the way you view weight loss. Look at it as a lifestyle change, and not a one-off operation that should end immediately you slice off the excess weight. 

As I said, one program that helps you learn and apply small changes in your life leading to successful and lasting weight loss is Weight Watchers.

Eat fruits, but don’t drink fruit juices

A fruit a day is enough to help you lose a tremendous amount of weight in the long run. Not only do fruits supply your body with heart-healthy fibres, they also keep you full for longer. Fruit juices, on the other hand, aren’t as filling as their solid counterparts. See, every time you chew food, your mouth generates more and more saliva that in turn signals the brain to alert the gut to be ready for digestion because food is coming. But since drinking doesn’t require chewing, then more of the juices you drink go undigested. Far worse, are the stuffed calories in commercial juices.

If you can’t run, walk

A great majority of the population use cars more often than they use their feet. They even prefer using a car on a one-or-two mile trip than walking. If that sounds like you, why can’t you use the short-distance trips to burn more calories than gas?

Keep a food journal

A food journal will help you to keep record of the amount of food you’ve eaten. This in turn helps you to manage the amount of calories that you take. In fact, a recent study found out that people who keep a food journal actually tend to lose twice as much weight when compared to those who don’t. 

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